Message from the Chair

RajarshiThe past ACS Spring National Meeting in San Diego was a great success with productive business meetings, stimulating and informative symposia and great networking opportunities.  The CINF program schedule was packed with a large number of symposia and speakers.  Of note were symposia on Systems Chemical Biology and Computer-Aided Drug Design.  Both symposia were well attended and the credit goes to the organizers for putting together a stellar speaker list and a great set of talks.  It was also encouraging to see a well-attended, lively CINFlash session of lightning talks.  The high level of participation was also evident in the sixteen posters that were presented at the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence event, hosted at the CINF Welcoming Reception on Sunday.  The posters highlighted excellent work covering a diversity of topics ranging from a network analysis of retractions to reaction modeling and docking.

While business meetings are not usually exciting on Saturday, they were quite productive in San Diego. This was certainly helped by the new meeting schedule initiated by Past-Chair Gregory Banik.  I expect that this schedule will be maintained for future CINF business meetings.  We proposed for the Executive Committee to convene via teleconference once a month.  I anticipate that this will help us keep up the momentum on multiple CINF initiatives and speed up decision-making.  We also discussed how CINF could get more involved with its members outside of National Meetings.  To this end, we’ll be trying to organize “CINF Happy Hour” at various locations –Antony Williams is currently trying to coordinate one in the Research Triangle Park region and I will be coordinating one in the Central Connecticut region.  Obviously, this doesn’t cover all the areas where our members reside.  So we’d be delighted to know if other members would be interested in getting involved in this effort.  More generally, if you have ideas that CINF can do or should be doing to enhance the Division’s utility to its members, please let us know.

Of course, all the science and business is strenuous, and that’s why CINF provides ample opportunities for networking and relaxation with receptions, Harry’s Party and the CINF Luncheon. For the Spring Luncheon we invited Dr. Kirsten Skogerson to speak on the “Chemistry of Wine.” Audiovisual equipment hiccups notwithstanding, Dr. Skogerson gave a fascinating talk on what goes into making wines and how it all boils down to chemistry.

Attending the San Diego meeting and noting the extensive participation by old and new CINF members was really invigorating and the credit for the success of the meeting must go to the hard work of many people, especially the symposium organizers for volunteering their time and effort and the sponsors for their generous contributions supporting our program and social events.

I highly recommend attending the next meeting this fall (we have an excellent program lined up!) and I hope you’ll consider getting more involved in CINF committee activities.  I look forward to a great meeting in Philadelphia and I hope I will see you there.

Rajarshi Guha, Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Information