Communications & Publications

Report of the CINF Communications & Publications Committee

Transfer from the CINF Yahoo! Group to the ACS Network

The decision to close the CINF Yahoo! Group and transfer all CINF Division business to the ACS Network has been implemented. The CINF Yahoo! Group still exists but access is limited to the former group moderators and the group will not be closed until we can decide how to preserve the email archive.

The CINF Division group on the ACS Network has now grown to 127 members and CINF members have begun to use the group in a serious manner after some initial reluctance due to unfamiliarity with the new network. The discussion on the new CINF website has generated almost 900 views and a large number of postings. This group is open to all ACS Network members. There are also closed groups for the CINF Executive and also for this committee where private business can be conducted.

Switchover to the new CINF website

In January, Danielle Dennie, the new CINF webmaster reported as follows:

"Ideally, I would have liked to survey or talk with members of CINF to ask you how you use the site and what you would like to see in a new site. This would have meant that I would have kept the old site while gathering data that could be used to create the new site. Unfortunately, because of my limited knowledge of the software that was used to create the old site, I could not make any edits to it. Which means that if there were any updates to be made to the old site before a new site could be built, I would not have been able to make them.

"Therefore, I quickly designed a new template that I could work with. To make it easy for myself, and for users of the site, I kept the same logical organization that was on the old site. This means that the menu on the left hand side is practically (with minor exceptions) the same as the old menu, as well as the organization of the secondary pages.

"That being said, I was not able to transfer over all content. Specifically, there are 3 sections that I could not transfer:

  • "Because the old site used a database to generate past meetings information, I have not, for the moment transferred over the tremendous amount of content that was in that section of the site. Therefore, I simply link to it from the new site. (
  • "I did not transfer over volume 62 of the e-CIB newsletter ( However, for the upcoming e-CIB, I will create a new template. Perhaps once a new template is agreed upon, I will be able to transfer over volume 62.
  • "The CINF electronic newsletter has not, as yet, been transferred to the new template (again, because of the tremendous amount of content). A link was made to the individual newsletters on the old site. (

"Furthermore, there are a couple of links in the left hand menu that I did not add to the new site. If these are needed, please let me know and I will add them:

  • Surveys
  • Disclaimers

"Otherwise, I went through every section of the old site, and recoded each page that I came across to fit the new template. If there were files on the old site that were orphan pages (i.e. not linked to from any other page), these files were unfortunately probably not transferred over. I hope I did not miss anything too important. If you notice anything glaring, please let me know.

"Overall, there are still some little tweaks that I need to bring to the site, but the bulk of the work is completed. I look forward to working with everyone to make the site as user-friendly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me."

The new website has been well received by CINF members but we still have some way to go to achieving our vision of a website to which it will be easier for CINF members to post content themselves.

eCIB editorship for 2011

At the end of 2010, Svetla Baykoucheva retired as eCIB editor but will continue to contribute actively to future editions.

In Spring 2011, David Martinsen has agreed to be guest editor and will try to experiment with new workflows based on using the ACS Network. Svetlana Korolev will edit the Summer and Winter edittions which follow and report on National ACS meetings and the Fall edition will be edited by Judith Currano.

Bill Town, Chair,
CINF Communications and Publications Committee