Letter from the Editor

CurranoGreetings from Philadelphia, where March is coming in like a lamb!

I usually find the concept of “spring semester” in Philadelphia to be somewhat oxymoronic.  Annually, the semester begins with icy temperatures and snowfall in January and February and moves to “unseasonably” hot days in April and May.  However, this year’s mild winter has brought thoughts of spring early, and so it was not difficult to begin to envision the spring issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin prior to the vernal equinox.  Like the fall issue, the main thrusts of the spring CIB are the events of the Spring ACS National Meeting.  Once again, the combined efforts of David Martinsen, Graham Douglas, and Danielle Dennie have brought us a presentation of technical and social events at the upcoming meetings that should help everyone arrive in the right place at the right time!

If you will be in San Diego on Saturday afternoon, please consider attending a CINF committee meeting.  Several of our committees, including the Communications & Publications Committee, the Education Committee, and the Program Committee will be meeting in open session on Saturday, and the chairs have provided agendas so that you’ll know what to expect.  The names and contact information for all of the CINF committee chairs appear at the end of the CIB, as well as on the CINF Web site (http://www.acscinf.org), so please feel free to contact any of them if you are interested in serving on a committee.

I realize that not all of our members will be attending the ACS National Meeting, so, we have tried to intersperse the meeting information with other features that should be interesting to many.  In this issue, Svetla Baykoucheva presents a delightful interview with Andrea Twiss-Brooks from the University of Chicago, who has held a wide variety of positions within and outside of ACS.  Bob Buntrock supplies us with two insightful book reviews.  Finally, in a reincarnation of an old column, Song Yu draws our attention to articles of note that have appeared in the literature in 2011.  We hope to continue the literature digest section in future issues, so, if you have authored or read an article that you think would be of interest to your fellow CINF members, please be sure to let me know! 

I am trying to expand the feature section of the pre-meeting CIB to include even more content that will appeal to the broader membership.  If you have an idea for a feature or would like to write a brief piece, please feel free to contact me at any point during the year.

Once again, I thank the army of volunteers who helped me to produce another Chemical Information Bulletin at an extremely busy time of year.  I hope that you will enjoy their efforts.


Judith N. Currano
Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin