Proposed CINF Program for the 2012 Spring Meeting

Beyond Small Molecules: Pushing the Envelope for Chemical Structure Representation (CSA Trust)

Keith Taylor,

Systems Chemical Biology: What is Systems Chemical Biology?

Erja Kajosalo,
Jan Kuras,
Tudor Oprea,

Instruction Tools for Chemical Informatio

Chuck Huber,

Research Assessment

Leah Solla,
Andrea Twiss-Brooks,

Reaction Searching

David Evans,
Roger Schenck,

Mobile Space and eBooks

Rich Apodaca,

InChI Symposium

Antony Williams,
Alex Tropsha,

Drug Polypharmacology Design and Prediction

Shuxing Zhang,


Rajarshi Guha,

How Good are Computational Methods for Drug Design?

Orr Ravitz,

CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

Guenter Grethe,

General Papers

Rachelle Bienstock,

Beyond the Database: New Models of Scholarship in an eScience World

Phil Bourne,