Letter from the Editor


This is the most comprehensive post-conference issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin. Containing the impressive contributions made by CINF symposia organizers and presenters at the 2011 Fall ACS National Meeting in Denver, CO, the issue looks like “proceedings of CINF and related matters.” Since the program is a driving force of the divisional activities, let me focus on it. In this issue you will find the CINF technical program highlights by Rachelle Beinstock. Besides putting together an accomplished program, Rachelle Beinstock is to be recognized on her publishing Library Design, Search Methods, and Applications of Fragment-Based Drug Design sponsored by CINF and COMP within the ACS Symposium Series.

Out of the seven CINF symposia held at the past meeting, the full reports of four symposia are included in this bulletin. Namely, these are: a symposium on Chemical Environmental Specific Databases and Searching Information Related to the Air, Water, and our Environment organized within ACS thematic programming by Andrea Twiss-Books; the two most noteworthy (and well attended by over 80 people each) symposia, The Herman Skolnik Award Symposium honoring Professor Alexander Lawson written by Wendy Warr, and Chemistry in Mobile Spaces by Martin Brändle and David Martinsen; and furthermore an unconventional session featuring a mix of presentations and videos on Non-Traditional Careers: What Else Can I Do With a Chemistry Degree? by Particia Meindl. Coincidently, these four symposia have been recorded by ACS, so that you can get access to some original content (15 CINF presentations) at the ACS Learning Center (http://www.softconference.com/ACSchem/) virtually. I included notes about a number of the recorded presentations available for each session at the end of the articles.

Additionally, you will find a report of the 9th International Conference on Chemical Structures held on June 5-9, 2011 in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, by Keith Taylor. This triennial conference is organized jointly by seven societies including ACS CINF. The technical section concludes with a synopsis of themes prepared by the Multidisciplinary Programming Planning Group for four upcoming ACS National Meetings. Thanks to Guenter Grethe and Richard Love for this information.

Beyond the technical program you will find awards and scholarships announcements, a book review, committee reports and sponsor announcements. Specifically, I would like to bring to your attention a new feature - Overview of the Council Committee on Patents and Related Matters. I would like to thank Edlyn Simmons, James Chao and David Smorodin for this article. Looking ahead to the future bulletins, I would like to welcome an overview of the other Council committees having CINF members on them.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all authors for their generous contributions to this issue. My special thanks go to Mark Luchetti for designing the cover page, to Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue, and to David Evans, Carmen Nitsche, and Wendy Warr for taking photographs at the Denver meeting, and for making them available (with name tags!) at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cinf.

Svetlana Korolev, Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin