Program Committee

The Program Committee will meet on Saturday, August 27, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Colorado Convention Center, Room 705.

The Program Committee always welcomes new members and attendees to come and join us at our meeting.  Our meetings are always open, and any member is free to come and participate and offer program suggestions for future meetings or even to offer to chair and organize a symposium for a future meeting.

At our meetings, for example, the meeting in Denver, we will review the details and statistics for the current program (i.e. how many symposia, topics of symposia, how many abstracts, etc.) and the proposed program for the upcoming meeting, in this case Spring 2012 in San Diego. We will then open the floor to members to begin to discuss the program for future meetings.

Because the abstract submission deadlines for ACS meetings are extremely early, planning the proposed symposia and programs for the national meetings must occur considerably in advance, and we will begin planning meetings almost 2 years ahead.  We want an interesting and diverse program, and it helps to have members of our committee that represent all the diverse topical interests of CINF membership. The proposed programs and symposia for future meetings are stored on a Google doc document that all committee members are given permission to view.

Please feel free to attend our meeting in Denver and offer your program suggestions or volunteer to organize a symposium on your favorite topic (related to CINF interests, of course!), or contact me with your suggestions at

Rachelle Bienstock
CINF Program Committee Chair