Letter from the Editor


Greetings from scorching Philadelphia!

Hopefully, the summer is on the wane, although anticipation for and events surrounding the Denver ACS National Meeting are just beginning to heat up.  The fall issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin has historically focused on the technical program for the meeting, and I fondly recall dashing from session to session, clutching my yellow-covered copy in my hand.  I'm delighted that, thanks to the gargantuan efforts of David Martinsen, who assembled the symposium information, and Danielle Dennie, who formatted it, this aspect of the CIB is looking better than ever.  Readers can get a brief overview of CINF symposia from the "Symposia at a Glance" section or delve deeper, examining the full CINF technical program, with and without abstracts.  Of course there is more to an ACS meeting than papers and posters, and, in the "Social Events" section, Graham Douglas and Greg Banik have done a fantastic job of presenting the receptions and networking events.  I extend sincere thanks to all of these individuals and my admiration to the Program Committee, chaired by Rachelle Bienstock, without whom we would not have such fascinating sessions to attend.

After perusing the technical program, please cast your eyes over the "Committee Information" section.  The CINF committee chairs have submitted agendas for their upcoming meetings in Denver, as well as descriptions of their activities and modes of communication.  Many committees are in need of new members, and, if your travel plans have you arriving in Denver on Friday night or Saturday morning, you may be interested in attending one of their open meetings.  Contact information for each committee chair appears at the end of his or her piece, as well as in the "CINF 2011 Officers and Functionaries" section of the CIB.

In this issue, as well as highlighting the happenings at the upcoming conference, I wanted to include some articles by CINF members, reporting things that they are doing and topics that they find interesting.  In the "Interviews and Features" section, you can enjoy Svetla Baykoucheva's excellent interview of Grace Baysinger, become acquainted with some of Fred Stoss's favorite resources for information on the chemistry of climate change, and vicariously "attend" the recent International Council for Scientific and Technical Information and Special Libraries Association meetings with Wendy Warr and Susan Cardinal, respectively.  Bob Buntrock has provided another insightful book review, to round out the issue.  We have a few other ideas in the hopper for future issues, but we are always looking for content that will interest CINF members; if you have an idea, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This the first issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin that I have edited, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with so many talented, active individuals.  I'm extremely grateful to everyone who contributed or assisted with the production of this issue.  The new Drupal platform has streamlined the production process and generates an attractive final product, and I hope that you enjoy the results.


Judith N. Currano
Editor, Chemical Information Bulletin