Message from the Chair


Dear Colleagues,

The International Year of Chemistry 2011 is more than half over now, but the fun has only just begun!  The upcoming CINF technical symposia in Denver will be a perfect complement to the unifying theme of the IYC, "Chemistry—our life, our future."  These symposia include Chemical Environmental Specific Databases and Searching: Information Related to the Air, Water, and our Environment; Computational Approaches to Spectroscopy Analysis: Battle of the Pocket Protectors! (cosponsored with ANYL, COMP, and PHYS); Cheminformatics Aspects of High Throughput Screening: From Robots to Models: Round Table Discussion. Ding! Ding! (cosponsored with COMP and MEDI); and Chemistry in Mobile Spaces: Chemical Apps for Mobile Devices. 

Tuesday will also include the Herman Skolnik Award Symposium, in honor of the winner of the 2011 Skolnik Award, Professor Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Lawson.  The lineup for this symposium is most impressive, as is to be expected from someone of Sandy's stature.  He is a "gentleman scholar," and I fondly remember meeting him for the first time during a visit to the Beilstein Institute in Frankfurt.  The Herman Skolnik Award is the highest honor that CINF can bestow and, in Sandy’s case, a well-deserved honor.

An exciting and innovative symposium will take place on Wednesday:  the CINFlash symposium, organized by CINF Chair-Elect Rajarshi Guha.  CINFlash is a session of "lightning talks," strictly timed talks, no longer than six minutes each, related to cheminformatics and chemical information.  As if this were not exciting enough, refreshments will be served during the session (sponsored by Accelrys).

Speaking of refreshments, I would be remiss not to mention the many social networking opportunities that will be available at the Denver meeting.  The Sunday Welcoming Reception should be a lovely affair, as will Harry's Party (sponsored exclusively by FIZ CHEMIE Berlin) on Monday.  As opposed to the last two CINF luncheon speakers in Boston and Anaheim, who focused on murder (and in the case of Anaheim, included bloody crime scene photos), the speakers for the CINF luncheon in Denver will be decidedly fun; Howard and Sally Peters will speak on "Chocolate, Food of the Gods."  Finally, the Skolnik Award Reception in honor of Sandy Lawson will take place Tuesday evening, and, as the one who selected the food for the reception (and as a self-proclaimed foodie), I cannot wait!

Finally, the CINF committee meetings in Denver will start later in the day (much to the delight of non-morning people like me), at 11:30 AM, rather than 7:30 AM.  The meetings have been trimmed a bit and are scheduled to be finished by 6:00 PM.  They represent an excellent way to network on a much more personal level with CINF colleagues and to "give back" to the chemical information community... and lunch and afternoon snacks will be provided, as well.

I hope that you have had a productive yet relaxing summer, and I look forward to seeing you in Denver!


Warmest regards,


Gregory M. Banik, Ph.D., Chair
ACS Division of Chemical Information (CINF)