Letter from the Editor

ImageThis first issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB), which will be published online, is still “a work in progress.” Many readers of CIB have told us that they will miss the print, as they could carry it to the ACS National Meeting, check the Technical Program sessions, the times for the social events, and read the interviews. The print version of CIB has existed since 1949—we celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. In this first online issue we have preserved the format of the print, so that this change could be experienced more gradually, and those who needed to carry it to the meeting could just print it out. The Bulletin will be adopting a more “online look” in the next issues.

Having the journal published online will allow us to provide more current information, as we will not be bound by the restrictions of a printing process. Also, the Bulletin will be available as an open-access publication that anybody can access. There will be more content, as we will not be concerned about the high cost of printing and mailing. We are starting a new column, "Book Reviews", and I would like to thank our colleague Bob Buntrock for proposing it and for volunteering to manage it.

In this issue we have three interviews that reflect the views of three people with very different careers. In her interview, Bonnie Lawlor tells us about her role in the information industry and gives us an insight in the inner workings of the Institute for Scientific Information. ACS and CINF have established close relationship with German organizations involved in chemical information. Readers of this issue will learn not only about one of this organizations, FIZ CHEMIE Berlin, from an interview with its managing director, René Deplanque, but also about the past and the present of the chemical information field in Germany and how he feels about the unification of the country.

Some of you may have noticed that I am particularly interested in the history of chemistry. For this issue, I did an interview with Eric Scerri, who presents a philosopher’s view on the Periodic Table of the Elements and talks about its significance.

I would like to mention that the interview with Davide Lide, former editor-in-chief of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics that was included in the previous (Fall, 2009) issue of the Bulletin was also published in the November, 2009, issue of Against the Grain.

As we embark on a new venture with this issue, we would like to hear from you. Tell us what content you would like to see in the Bulletin, and what format would be most convenient to use and pleasing to read.

Enjoy the issue!

Svetla Baykoucheva, Editor