Book Review Column

As outlined in the previous issue of the eCIB, we will now be publishing book reviews of interest to the chemical information field and related topics. The previous issue also featured the first review. The impetus to begin this service was the decision by the Editor of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (JCIM) to no longer solicit and publish book reviews. Several of us believe that books on chemical information are not dead nor even moribund so we’ll take up the banner. The fact that the eCIB should have an even broader circulation than the print CIB makes our decision even more valid.

This new feature presents several opportunities for the eCIB readership. Not only will we be soliciting reviewers for books we’ve received, but we encourage you to recommend new titles as candidates for review, either by yourself or by others. In addition to chemical information, chemical informatics, history of chemistry, careers in chemistry, writing and publishing in chemistry, chemical regulation, and patents are potentially of interest. I’ve been in contact with several publishers and they seem happy to work with us and provide gratis review copies.

The former book review editor for JCIM, Greg Paris, suggested that we publish a column on book reviews in every issue whether or not we had a review to publish. Hence this introductory column. I should have another book review ready for the following issue and there’s another that’s been lurking in my in/out basket for some time. However, after that the pipeline is currently dry so please begin sending recommendations and offers to review to Bob Buntrock ( There’s no reason that we can’t publish more than one review per issue.

Bob Buntrock, Book Review Editor, eCIB