Letter from the Editor

ImageThis is the first issue converting the old CINF E-News into the Chemical Information Bulletin format. As the bulletin itself was transformed to an electronic publication with its previous issue (Spring 2010), the reason to distinguish between the two divisional publications has disappeared. Consequently, the younger CINF E-News, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2009, is now being merged into the older Chemical Information Bulletin, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009. The new integrated bulletin will be published four times per year, with an issue before and after each of the two ACS National Meetings.

In writing this letter, I briefly reviewed the history of CINF E-News and its preceding publications. According to "Division History 1943-1993" by Val Metanomski, the first Newsletter was published by Ann Moffett in February 1986, with another issue following in March 1988. Next, CINF News was launched by Bonnie Lawlor in November 1989. Two issues of CINF News were published in 1990, two in 1991, and three in 1992 with additional features such as Letter from Europe, CINF Member Demographics, A Brief History of the CINF and Copyright News. For 1989–1992, Richard Love was the CINF News Production Editor and for 1993 Richard Lowe took over that responsibility. Someone else might be able fill in the history of the interim publications during 1993-1999 before CINF E-News was introduced by Bruce Slutsky in Fall 1999. Since then it has been published after each national meeting (2 issues/year) with an exception of three issues in 2000. Except for two terms, Bruce Slutsky has served as the Editor since its inauguration (Fall 1999-Fall 2005) and the last issue (Fall 2009). Besides Bruce, Beth Thomsett-Scott (Spring 2006-Fall 2008) and Judy Matthews (Spring 2009) have taken over the Editor’s role. Over the decade, the content of CINF E-News has remained pretty much the same with reports and announcements from the meetings and some additional features, e.g. Chemistry Site Seeing or CINF People in the News. Speaking of CINF people, "Who is Harry?" a frequently asked question on Monday at national meetings, can be answered by CINF E-News (Fall 2002). Harry Allcock, Vice President of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services 1961 – 2002, hosted Harry's parties 1963 – 2002. After his retirement, René Deplanque, Managing Director of FIZ CHEMIE Berlin, revived the tradition of Harry's parties at the 2006 San Francisco meeting. For more information, please visit http://harrys-party.com/.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all who submitted materials for this issue. It contains announcements of awards and scholarships from the 2010 spring meeting, highlights of the CINF technical program, reflections on a hybrid symposium experiment, updates on the Electronic Dissemination of the ACS Meeting Content and on the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group, plus an invitation for celebrating of the Golden Anniversary of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. Over the past four years, the CINF Division has been benefiting from receiving funding for six project proposals sponsored by the ACS Innovative Projects Fund. Three such projects, CINF Best Presentation Award, XCITR - eXplore Chemical Information Teaching Resources, and Careers Vignettes, are featured in this issue. A Book Review column, numerous reports and announcements are included, too. A special thank you goes to Mark Luchetti for cover design and to Bonnie Lawlor and Wendy Warr for proofreading this issue.

Svetlana Korolev, Editor,
Chemical Information Bulletin