Letter from the Editor

ImageThis issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB) is the third one we are publishing online. The first (Spring) issue was posted on the CINF web page (www.acscinf.org) before the ACS Spring National Meeting. It contained the technical program, the abstracts, awards information, book reviews, and three interviews. The second (Summer) issue, which is the equivalent of the former CINF eNews newsletter, was edited by Svetlana Korolev and contained information about the ACS Spring National Meeting.

As you will notice, CIB is still in a period of transition from print to online format — the functionality of the product is not what we are used to seeing from the commercial publishers. I hope that for the next issues the process will become smoother and easier.

Here in this issue you will find the usual categories — a Message from the Chair, Awards and Scholarships, Book Reviews, Technical and Social programs, Abstracts, and a list of the CINF functionaries. Rajarshi Guha, chair of Technical Program Committee highlights the technical program for the upcoming ACS Fall National Meeting (p. 11). Maryadele O’Neil, editor-in-chief of The Merck Index, discusses in an interview (p. 5) the history of this famous resource and what it takes to publish each new edition. The two book reviews (p. 23) were written by Bob Buntrock: (1) Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis: From the Science Citation Index to Cybermetrics, by Nicola De Bellis and (2) Patents for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotechnology, by Grubb & Thomsen. On p. 4 you will be able to see who the CINF sponsors are. As always, we highly appreciate their financial support for the Division.

In the near future, the CINF Executive Committee will be looking for my replacement, and those who are interested and believe that they are qualified for this job should consider this exciting opportunity. Being the editor of CIB for five years has allowed me to become acquainted with many interesting people. The editor’s position is a voluntary one, and I have been greatly helped by many colleagues from the Division who submitted materials and proofread the issues. The journal is now published online, and it will be much easier for the next editor to put together the issues — there will be no strict deadlines, as there will be no need to send it to the printer.

I hope you will find this issue useful and enjoyable.

Svetla Baykoucheva , Editor