Letter from the Editor

Thanks for reading the spring 2017 issue of the ACS Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). And a special thank you to all of our authors, editors, and sponsors for contributing to the CIB.

In this issue we have two feature articles. The first is a tribute to Eugene Garfield from Bonnie Lawlor. Dr. Garfield greatly advanced the field of chemical information and bibliometrics; he surely will be missed. I very much enjoyed reading Bonnie’s sincere tribute. The second feature article is a book review by Svetla Baykoucheva. Svetla reviewed A Tale of Seven Scientists and a New Philosophy of Science by Eric Scerri.

You may notice that the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) program and the cosponsored technical program, and abstracts are no longer published within the CIB. Due to CIB publishing timelines, the technical program within the CIB quickly became outdated by the time the CIB was released. Moreover, acquiring the technical program in an appropriate format for the CIB was not trivial as it required programmatic scripting that needed to be adjusted each time a new technical program was released. Incidentally, Dave Martinsen (ACS Publications, retired) deserves a lot of credit for his skills and ability to produce the technical program within the CIB for the past several years.

Moving forward, we believe, the best option for readers is to use the official ACS technical program. The official ACS technical program serves as the latest authoritative copy of the technical program and abstracts: https://ep70.eventpilot.us/web/page.php?page=Home&project=ACS17SPRING

We still plan to archive a copy of the CINF (and cosponsored) technical program and abstracts alongside the CIB.

Lastly, CINF is now working on a modern website. As part of the update, a web-based platform for the CIB will be developed that will allow new opportunities for production, content, and engagement. More details will be coming soon.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming 253rd ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA!

Vincent F. Scalfani, Editor
The University of Alabama