Letter from the Editor

Please enjoy the fall—even though it is not quite fall yet—pre-conference issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin (CIB). This is my first turn as editor after several years of serving as assistant editor for the fall and spring issues that Vincent Scalfani edited. We have decided to split the duties, so Vincent will continue as editor for the spring CIB.

In this issue, you will find Rachelle’s “Message from the Chair,” a report from our CINF Councilors (and congratulations to Bonnie Lawlor for 25 years of service as a CINF Councilor), and Bob Buntrock’s review of You Could Look It Up, The Reference Shelf from Ancient Babylon to Wikipedia. There’s also another installment of the best articles and blog posts about chemistry, science and popular culture, a continuation of the columns I wrote for the last two fall issues. One thing you’ll notice about this issue is that we did not include a copy of the CINF technical program, but you can access the PDF and HTML versions (with and without abstracts) from the CINF website. It looks like another interesting and thought-provoking lineup of symposia and speakers, and I’m sorry that I’ll be missing the conference.

Along thanking our contributors and everyone who assisted with the production and copyediting, I want to give a special thanks to our generous sponsors, many of whom provided news and updates about their recent chemical information products. So please check their product news and stop by their booths at the meeting to find out more.

At the end of this issue is the contact information for the four CIB editors. You can contact any of us if you are interested in contributing to a future issue, even if you just have an idea of what you might want to write and want to bounce ideas off one of us.

Have a great time in Philadelphia!

Teri M. Vogel, Editor
UC San Diego Library