Officers & Functionaries

Rachelle Bienstock
National Institute of Environmental
Health Sciences

Chair Elect:
See Chair

Past Chair/Nominating Chair:
Ms. Judith Currano
University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Leah McEwen       
Cornell University

Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair:
Dr. Rob McFarland
Washington University

Ms. Bonnie Lawlor
Chescot Publishing, Inc. 

Ms. Andrea Twiss-Brooks
University of Chicago

Alternate Councilor:
Mr. Charles Huber
University of California, Santa Barbara

Alternate Councilor:
Dr. Guenter Grethe
Scientific Research Consultant

Program Committee Chair:
Dr. Erin Davis

Membership Committee Chair:
Dr. Donna Wrublewski
California Institute of Technology

Ms. Bonnie Lawlor
See Councilor

Audit Committee Chair:

Awards Committee Chair:
Ms. Andrea Twiss-Brooks
University of Chicago

Careers Committee Co-Chairs:
Ms. Susan Cardinal
University of Rochester

Ms. Pamela Scott

Chemical Information Bulletin Editors:
Ms. Svetlana Korolev (summer & winter)
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Dr. Vincent Scalfani (spring & fall)
University of Alabama

Assistant Editors:
Dr. David Shobe (summer & winter)
Patent Information Agent

Ms. Teri Vogel (spring & fall)
University of California, San Diego

Communications and Publications Committee Chair:
Dr. David Martinsen
American Chemical Society

Constitution, Bylaws & Procedures:
Ms. Bonnie Lawlor
See Councilor

Education Committee Chair:
Ms. Grace Baysinger
Stanford University

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Mr. Philip Heller
Thieme Publishers 

Tellers Committee Chair:
Ms. Susan Cardinal
University of Rochester

Ms. Patti McCall
University of Central Florida

Ms. Erja Kajosalo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A CINF directory including mail addresses, fax and phone numbers of the Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, Divisional Representatives, and other Functionaries is at the CINF website.