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CINF Social Networking Events

The Division of Chemical Information put together a great set of social events for the spring meeting in Denver starting with the Welcoming Reception on Sunday. The reception was attended by over 120 members and guests. It was great to see everybody mingling and having a good time, helped along by a lovely selection of food and drinks. (It was less great when a table collapsed). The Division is grateful to the sponsors for this event: Bio-Rad, Springer/Journal of Cheminformatics, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, PerkinElmer, AAAS/Science, CRC Press, and Thieme Chemistry. 

Monday’s event was the ever-popular Harry’s Party, sponsored exclusively by ACS Publications. They arranged a beautiful suite close to the conference center with an excellent assortment of healthy snacks and drinks. Approximately 75 members and friends attended this event. Thanks go out to Yung Murphy for welcoming all of us.

Tuesday featured the Division of Chemical Information Luncheon, exclusively sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This event sold out once again with capacity at 65. A great lunch was provided and was accompanied by a very entertaining talk by our invited speaker, David Thomas, who spoke about “19th and 20th Century Malting and Brewing.”

As always, many thanks to our Division colleagues, Michael Qiu, Leah McEwen, and Rachelle Bienstock, who put in time and effort making room arrangements and menu orders, and arranging for speakers for our social events. And, of course, we all greatly appreciate our generous sponsors, without whom we would not have been able to put on such a great line-up of events in Denver.

We are planning more events for the fall 2015 meeting and look forward to seeing all of you there.

Philip Heller, Chair, CINF Fundraising Committee

BioRad: KnowItAllU


As a member of CINF, your school is eligible to participate in a free 30-day evaluation trial of KnowItAll U with over 1.4 million spectra (NMR, IR, Raman, MS, UV-Vis). This resource has been used successfully in the teaching curriculum in chemistry, biology, and other applied science disciplines, academic research, as well as in a library setting.

Register online at http://www.knowitallu.com/trial or contact Josh Michaels at +1 267-322-6940.

Royal Society of Chemistry: Historical Collection

Unlock chemistry’s past…and help to shape its future: The most important works from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s extensive archive now online.

Founded in 1841 as the Chemical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry is one of the oldest and most eminent chemical societies in the world. In our collections, thousands of books, journals, letters, notes and pamphlets contain a valuable and fascinating chronicle of chemical science from the 16th century to the present day.

ImageThe Historical Collection is a digital archive designed to make these significant scientific records widely available. Featuring over 380,000 pages of scientific history, it allows easy access to documents that have shaped our understanding of chemistry, and helps to pinpoint the moments when key ideas first began to develop. 

It’s a unique resource, and a significant addition to any science library.

A summary of the digital collection

The Collection exists in two parts. Part 1 is Society Publications and Minutes, including Chemistry in Britain from the 1960s, annual reports and proceedings from the separate societies that later merged to form the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Part 2, Historical Books and Papers, is an absorbing collection of historical material, featuring manuscripts of lectures given by Sir Henry Roscoe, papers and diaries belonging to Sir Frederick Abel, and letters between some of the leading scientists of the 19th century.

Part 1

Society Publications (1949 – 2012)
Chemistry in Britain (1965-2003)
Education in Chemistry (1964-2006)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Lectures, Monographs and Reports (1949-1967)
Monographs for Teachers (1962-1993)
Annual Reports (1963-2012)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Annual Reports (1960-1980)

Society Minutes (1841-1966)
Lists of Officers and Fellows of the Chemical Society (1843-1953)
Chemical Society Council Minutes (1841-1966)
Institute of Chemistry Council Minutes (1876-1944)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Council Minutes (1944-1966)
Institute of Chemistry Committee Minutes (1877-1944)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Committee Minutes (1944-1947)

Society Minutes (1841-1966)
Lists of Officers and Fellows of the Chemical Society (1843-1953)
Chemical Society Council Minutes (1841-1966)
Institute of Chemistry Council Minutes (1876-1944)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Council Minutes (1944-1966)
Institute of Chemistry Committee Minutes (1877-1944)
Royal Institute of Chemistry Committee Minutes (1944-1947)

Part 2 (coming soon)

Historical Books and Papers (1505-1991)
The Roscoe Collection (1505-1870)
The Nathan Collection
The Main Collection
The Sir Frederick Abel Papers (1853-1902)
The Davy Bookcase (1952-1873)

For more information about the RSC Historical Collection please visit http://pubs.rsc.org/historical-collection

PerkinElmer: ChemDraw & SciFinder; Elements


ChemDraw + SciFinder

ChemDraw is the #1 drawing tool for chemists and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! With the latest version, chemists have the most advanced drawing capabilities at their fingertips, and now have direct access to SciFinder for searching. Plus, ChemDraw for iPad allows chemists to draw any structure, anytime, and “flick” the structure to colleagues, professors or classmates, enabling interactive and innovative learning. ChemDraw is embedded in our cloud-based electronic lab notebook Elements, as well as a part of our visualization tool, Lead Discovery, powered by TIBCO Spotfire.

Download a free trial of the latest version of ChemDraw to begin creating molecules.

Collaborating in the Cloud Image

Preview Elements, our cloud-based electronic lab notebook. See how to capture experiments, draw chemical reactions (with ChemDraw embedded), calculate stoichiometry, upload images, documents and spreadsheets, organize data, and share research with colleagues.

Download a free trial and check out a preview video.
Contact us for a live demonstration or for more information.

Springer Chemistry News

Celebrating open science: Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Series

Image Image







Journal of Cheminformatics and Chemistry Central Journal are showcasing the latest open science initiatives in this cross-journal  memorial series honoring Jean-Claude Bradley, a true open science advocate. To celebrate the work and vision of Jean-Claude, our two Guest Editors, Andrew Lang and Antony Williams, have compiled a cross-journal memorial series, which will present work that spans both the domains of chemistry and cheminformatics in which Jean-Claude operated. The series will include papers published in Chemistry Central Journal, where as a Co-Editor-in-Chief Jean-Claude’s passionate advocacy of the open access movement and support in developing the journal was extremely valued, and Journal of Cheminformatics, for which his expertise was appreciated on the Editorial Board.

Take a look at the first set of papers available open access (of course) online and share your thoughts: http://bit.ly/JeanClaudeBradley.

Springer and Altmetric launch new platform for book impact: Bookmetrix


Springer recently announced that it is becoming the first publisher to offer title and chapter level metrics across all of its books via a new platform, Bookmetrix, developed in partnership with metrics provider Altmetric. The data captured via Bookmetrix are displayed on the book pages on Springer’s content platform SpringerLink and report how often an individual book or chapter is mentioned, shared, reviewed or read online. Updated in real time, the data are intended to provide an accurate representation of the current reach, usage, and broader impacts of each book or chapter for all authors, editors and readers.

Martijn Roelandse, Manager of Publishing Innovation at Springer, commented on the project: “Bookmetrix will change the way we look at books. We really wanted to create a place for our authors and editors that collates all possible book metrics in one place.”

Also available via the reference manager Papers, Bookmetrix provides book- and chapter-level metrics via a detailed book overview page, which is made up of five tabs: citations, online mentions, readers, reviews, and downloads.

•    The Citations tab shows the number of citations on both book and chapter level, based on data collected by CrossRef.

•    The Mentions tab uses data provided by Altmetric to show users how the book/chapter has been discussed, mentioned or shared in online sources, including public policy documents, mainstream news outlets, blogs, and a variety of social networks.

•    The Readers tab offers information on how many people have saved the book/chapter in their Reference Manager, including their country of origin and occupation.

•    The Reviews tab displays excerpts of book reviews known to Springer.

•    The Downloads tab displays both the monthly and total download figures for the book/chapter as recorded via SpringerLink.

An example for book data on bookmetrix.com is at: http://bit.ly/1D0gmIS

AAAS: Science Advances

Science Advances, the new open access journal from AAAS, is now available online. The next generation in the Science family of journals, Science Advances features high quality, peer-reviewed research across the sciences.

The journal’s commitment to content diversity and quality is reflected in recently published articles, including: “Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains,” and “Distinct plasma immune signatures in ME/CFS are present early in the course of illness.”

Researchers and readers alike may access the high impact research anytime, anywhere, at no cost.

The new journal welcomes researchers from all disciplines, and provides top-tier peer review, expert editing, and rapid publication - all for one low fee. It offers multiple opportunities for authors to save on article processing charges (APC) through institutional, promotional, and AAAS membership benefits. Download the flyer to learn more about discounts.

Please share this message with your authors and encourage them to explore everything Science Advances has to offer, and find out how to submit their work for publication.

Visit Science Advances today. Contact: sciencemarketing@aaas.org

CRC Press: CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

ImageCRC Press of Taylor & Francis Group, a leading science, technology and medical publisher, is pleased to announce the release of the 96th edition of its flagship reference publication, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (HBCP) on June 1st, 2015.

Continuing the tradition of excellence, the newest release of the HBCP is edited by William M. “Mickey” Haynes, Scientist Emeritus at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and features 2,688 pages of tested and verified scientific content, including the most substantive and up-to-date health and safety information, practical laboratory data and analytical chemistry tables.

“The Handbook has always been known as a reliable, accurate and authoritative data source for scientists, and the 96th edition is no exception,” said Dr. Fiona Macdonald, CRC Press Publisher of Chemical and Life Sciences. “In this edition, seven entirely new tables have been added and 11 tables have received major updates, thereby ensuring scientists have access to the most current data.”

The HBCP is currently available for purchase in print, eBook and online formats as well as via the online database at hbcponline.com. A cutting-edge and highly interactive resource, the CRC Physical Constants of Organic Compounds table of the HBCP is also available separately as a downloadable App, through the iTunes App Store.

Originally a 116-page pocket guide known as the Rubber Handbook, the HBCP has been an essential element in scientific research and discovery for over 100 years. Relied upon by scientists in nearly every scientific discipline around the world, the handbook remains one of the most popular, respected, and trusted sources for critically evaluated chemical and physical data.

To purchase the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, please visit: http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781482260960

For more information contact: Fiona Macdonald fiona.macdonald@taylorandfrancis.com.

“CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Celebrates its 100th Anniversary” by Mickey Haynes, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical Information Bulletin, Winter 2013, at: /node/542

Thieme Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Substances


Thieme Chemistry is pleased to announce that Pharmaceutical Substances version 3.8 will be launched in May 2015. The new release will contain 31 new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which have been approved recently by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or the European Medicines Agency.

Professor Bernhard Kutscher, one of the Pharmaceutical Substances authors, said about the release: “After a record-setting year of new drug approvals in 2014, the FDA’s expedited evaluation process, which allows so-called breakthrough therapies to enter the market more quickly, is now also reflected in our compendia update.

The latest release includes many first-in-class drug products that have innovative mechanisms of action as well as anticipated blockbuster potential. Among them is the Novartis anticancer drug and ALK inhibitor Ceritinib, which went from its first clinical trials to market in less than three years! In addition, Pfizer (CDK4/6 inhibitor Palbociclib), AstraZeneca (PARP inihibitor Olaparib) and Gilead Sciences (PI3K delta inhibitor Idelalisib) launched promising new kinase inhibitors as cancer therapeutics. The update also includes Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Belinostat (Pan-HDAC inhibitor) and Roche’s Ado-Trastuzumab Emtansine (antibody-drug conjugate) oncology drugs.

Breakthrough therapy designation was also received by two new treatments against a challenging indication called Idiopathic Cystic Fibrosis (IPF), by Boehringer’s Nintedanib and Roche’s Pirfenidone.

Certainly, tremendous progress was also achieved by more efficacious HCV/HIV therapy antivirals: A fixed combination of blockbuster Sofosbuvir with the new NS5A/polymerase inhibitor Ledipasvir is forecasted to have peak sales of $12 billion. The combination is the first all-oral treatment against HCV infections. Furthermore, the update’s infectious disease treatment additions are Daclatasvir, Cobicistat and Elvitegravir, as well as antibiotics like Tedizolid and the injectable neuraminidase inhibitor Peramivir against influenza.

Additionally, you will find many more new entries such as Apremilast (treatment of active psoriatic arthritis) or Olodaterol (treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in this latest release.”

Further information about Pharmaceutical Substances can be found here:

Details about Pharmaceutical Substances 3.8 will become available online in May 2015.