CINF Lifetime Award Announced

Helen A. “Bonnie” Lawlor was selected as the Division’s third recipient of the Lifetime Award. The award was established by the Executive Committee of the Division of Chemical Information in  2006 and recognizes long-term membership and outstanding service and active contributions to the Division over the years. The recipient must have been a member of the Division for at least 20 years. 

Bonnie joineImaged the American Chemical Society in 1972, including the technical division of the Society now known as the Division of Chemical Information (CINF). From the beginning she has been an active member. Bonnie served a number of roles in CINF including that of Assistant Editor (1973-1977) and Editor (1978-1982) of the Chemical Information Bulletin. She was elected Secretary (1984-1987), Chair-Elect (1988), Chair (1989), and Past-Chair (1990), and is currently one of the Division’s Councilors, a position she has held since 1992. As a result of her many elected offices she has been on the CINF Executive Committee for almost 30 years. Bonnie has been both a member and a chair of several CINF committees. She is currently the CINF Archivist and is a member of the CINF Communications and Publications Committee.

As a Councilor she has held elected committee positions in the American Chemical Society at the national level. Some of these are: Committee on Committees (2012-present), Council Policy Committee (voting 2006-2011, nonvoting 1997-1999), Committee on Nominations & Elections (2000-2005, Vice-Chair 2003, Secretary 2001), Committee on Divisional Activities (1994-1999, Chair 1997-1999), and Committee on Copyrights (1990-1998, Chair 1993-1995, Committee Associate 1989). 

Bonnie has held many key positions in CINF and has been a role model for younger members of the Division. She is involved in work to reinvigorate the Division to make it more appealing to new members of ACS. Bonnie is always volunteering to do things and gets them done well.

In 2006 Bonnie received the Val Metanomski Meritorious Service Award. This award is given to recognize outstanding contributions to the Division. She was made an NFAIS Honorary Fellow in 2014 and was inducted as an ACS Fellow in 2013.

In 2010 Bonnie was interviewed by the then Editor of Chemical Information Bulletin Svetla Baykoucheva. That interview can be found at: /node/188.

Congratulations to Bonnie Lawlor on her well-deserved selection as the recipient of the CINF Lifetime Award!

(Information about the CINF Lifetime Award is at:

Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Chair, CINF Awards Committee