Fall 2015 ACS CINF Call for Abstracts

Fall 2015 ACS National Meeting Call for Abstracts Division of Chemical Information
Abstracts are Due March 13, 2015.

Submit abstracts here: http://tinyurl.com/CINF-Fall-2015abs

Program Chair: E. Davis, 5118 Palatine Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103, (406) 546-8047, erinbolstad@gmail.com

Applications of Cheminformatics to the Diverse World of Natural Products. R. Schenck, rschenck@cas.org; A. Williams, tony27587@gmail.com

Chemical Information Skills: The Essential Tool Kit for Chemical Research. G. Baysinger, graceb@stanford.edu; J. Goodman, jmg11@cam.ac.uk

Chemogenomics: Cheminformatics in the Genetic World. R. Bienstock, rachelleb1@gmail.com

CINF Scholarships for Scientific Excellence: Student Poster Competition. G. Grethe, ggrethe@att.net

CINFlash: Workflow Tools Lightning Round. E. Davis

Crowdsourcing Public Scientific Communication: Wikipedia Contribution in Chemistry Classrooms. M. Walker, walkerma@potsdam.edu; Y. Li, liye@umich.edu

Current Topics in Chemical Safety Information (Cosponsored with CHED & CHAS). R. Stuart, ralph.stuart@keene.edu; L. McEwen, lrm1@cornell.edu

Enabling Machines To “Read” the Chemical Literature: Techniques, Case Studies & Opportunities. D. Lowe, daniel@nextmovesoftware.com

Find the Needle in the Haystack: Dealing with Large Chemical Spaces. D. Deng, dengw2@gmail.com

General Papers. E. Davis

The Growing Impact of Big Data in the World of Chemical Information. S. Ekins, ekinssean@yahoo.com; R. Potenzone, rudy@ichemlabs.com; A. Williams

The Growing Impact of Openness in Chemistry: A Symposium in Honor of J. C. Bradley. A. Lang, asidlang@gmail.com; A. Williams

Herman Skolnik Award Symposium. L. McEwen; R. Bienstock

Innovations in Clinical Data. A. Twiss-Brooks, atbrooks@uchicago.edu

Retrosynthesis, Synthesis Planning, Reaction Prediction: When Will Computers Meet the Needs of the Synthetic Chemist? D. Evans, david.evans@reedelsevier.ch

Scientific Integrity: Can We Rely on the Published Scientific Literature? W. Town, bill_town@mac.com; J. Currano, currano@pobox.upenn.edu

Substance Identifiers: Addressing the Challenges Presented by Chemically Modified Biologics—The Role of InChI & Related Technologies. K. Taylor, keith.taylor@laderaconsultancy.com; S. Heller, steve@hellers.com

Visualizing Chemistry Data to Guide Optimization. M. Segall, matt@optibrium.com; E. Davis

Workflow Tools & Data Pipelining in Drug Discovery. T. Dudgeon, tdudgeon@informaticsmatters.com; E. Davis