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CINF Sponsors Fall 2013

Division of Chemical Information Sponsors

Fall 2013

The American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Information is very fortunate to receive generous financial support from our sponsors to maintain the high quality of the Division’s programming and to promote communication between members at social functions at the ACS Fall 2013 National Meeting in Indianapolis, IN, and to support other divisional activities during the year, including scholarships to graduate students in Chemical Information. The Division gratefully acknowledges contribution from the following sponsors:





Opportunities are available to sponsor Division of Chemical Information events, speakers, and material. Our sponsors are acknowledged on the CINF web site, in the Chemical Information Bulletin, on printed meeting materials, and at any events for which we use your contribution. For more information please review the Sponsorship Brochure at Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about supporting CINF.

Rajarshi Guha, Chair, Fundraising Committee
Email: Fundraising AT
Tel: 814 404 5449

The ACS CINF Division is a non-profit tax-exempt organization with taxpayer ID no. 52-6054220.


Bio-Rad — Access Over 1.4 Million Spectra Today at Your University


It is with great pleasure that Bio-Rad Laboratories, a long-time sponsor of CINF, invites your school to participate in a free 30-day evaluation trial of KnowItAll U—the world’s largest collection of spectral data.

This resource has been used successfully in the teaching curriculum, academic research in chemistry, biology, & other applied science disciplines, as well as in a library setting.

  1. KnowItAll U provides every student and faculty member unlimited campus-wide access to 1.4 million spectra (NMR, IR, Raman, MS, UV-Vis).
  2. Access via the KnowItAll AnyWare web browser interface or through the KnowItAll software—a full suite of tools to search, manage, analyze spectra; predict NMR spectra; draw structures; & more!

With this trial, your school will have complete access to the spectra and software for 30 days.

Please contact Farrel Borden at 267-322-6938 or register online at It’s that easy!

For more information, you can also visit or view a recording of our “Introduction to KnowItAll U” webinar at (presented by Farrel Borden).

ACS Symposium Series


Spanning the gap between discoveries published in patents and journals, the peer-reviewed e-books of the ACS Symposium Series contain essential research by the world’s leading scientists spanning all disciplines and applications. The series provides more than 1,300 books, including the entire Advances in Chemistry Series, and it is fully searchable by keyword, title, author, year of publication, and division sponsor.

A Format Readers Prefer

Hosted on the award-winning ACS web platform, each chapter is formatted like a journal article and available as a high-resolution PDF viewable on your favorite device.

Multidisciplinary Content

Supports research in areas such as environmental chemistry, toxicology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, polymer chemistry, materials, and more.

Top Authors

Features the work of 32 Nobel Laureates, including Melvin Calvin, William N. Lipscomb, Henry Taube, George A. Olah, Alan J. Heeger, and Herbert C. Brown.

Find out more at


InfoChem — SPRESIweb version 2.13 successfully released

InfoChem is pleased to announce the successful release of SPRESIweb 2.13. The well-known web-based application gives direct access to the complete content of the SPRESI structure and reaction database that includes now 5.62 million compounds and 4.34 million reactions, covering the literature for the time period 1974-2012.  Visit for more information about SPRESIweb and to apply for a test account.


Name Reaction search to be included in SPRESImobile App

InfoChem is pleased to announce a new release of SPRESImobile in September 2013. The free App, successfully introduced on iTunes in March 2012 and developed to perform structure and reaction searches on mobile devices, gives access to a subset of the SPRESI reaction data (ChemReact).

Name Reaction searching will be integrated in the new iPhone and iPad App version: after registration users will be able to see a new button for name reaction searches in the reaction search form. Furthermore, all users (also not registered ones) will see a new link in the reaction hit list, when named reactions are hits for a reaction search. Visit our website for more information about SPRESImobile.


Please feel free to contact us for more information about InfoChem, our current research projects and our products.


PerkinElmer Offers White Paper on Mobile Technology for the Scientific Workflow


PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, offers a complimentary white paper on the advantages of using mobile technology in the scientific workflow.  The paper, “Liberating Today’s Scientists with App-Enabled Mobile Devices,” argues that apps in science can increase productivity in and out of the lab and foster the collaboration that sparks innovation by providing rapid anywhere, anytime access to data and enabling remote generation of data and experiment control.

Having already revolutionized consumer experiences and infiltrated the business world, mobile technology is making inroads into the lab. Scientific apps are gradually appearing on smartphones and tablets. Leading companies that embrace mobility and find ways to encourage its use in the lab will help scientists improve their productivity and accelerate discoveries.

PerkinElmer, envisioning an environment where scientists perform defined tasks and generate data using mobile devices, recently introduced its first apps for science. ChemDraw and Chem3D for iPad are new chemical structure drawing and visualization apps for the iPad that empower scientists and students to collaborate outside of the lab and classroom. Mobile extensions of its gold-standard ChemDraw software suite and Chem3D molecular viewing solution, PerkinElmer’s first apps are available from the Apple App Store.

The white paper covers the exponential rise in the use of apps for consumers and in business, how their introduction in the lab can benefit scientists, PerkinElmer’s strategy to develop its first apps, and details on how ChemDraw and Chem3D for iPad function. For a free download of the paper, visit:

ChemDraw app

Thieme Chemistry

Thieme Chemistry — SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT experimental procedures will soon be available in SciFinder


Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and Thieme Chemistry have agreed to make hundreds of thousands of experimental procedures from SYNTHESIS and SYNLETT articles available in the database SciFinder. This will give chemists all over the world easy access to the research in Thieme Chemistry’s synthetic organic chemistry journals.

Read more in the CAS press release: