Letter from the Editor

I would simply like to thank all those who made contributions to this issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin. Our new division chair, Tony Williams, shared his thoughts on the year (welcome, Tony!).

Bob Buntrock, our Chief Book Reviewer, submitted two book reviews, both of which follow on from our recent focus on crime and the macabre in our CINF Luncheons (that doesn’t exactly sound appetizing). Thanks, Bob, for providing us with some leisurely reading recommendations.

Also included are highlights from the technical program from our Program Chair, Jeremy Garritano, and a perspective on CINFlash from Rajarshi Guha, as well as the technical program itself. New this spring is an ePub version of the technical program. This will be available on the CINF website closer to the National Meeting itself. It will be more mobile-friendly than the PDF version of the CIB.

CAUTION: A special note of caution is appropriate on the Technical Program. In the past, the import of the Technical Program from ACS into the CIB has been quite labor intensive, and in the Philadelphia meeting especially, it was not possible to synchronize the last minute changes into the CIB. This time, the processing of the meeting program is more automated, and should be more closely aligned with the ACS website. However, the ACS meetings website should still be considered the most authoritative.

CAUTION: Because people ask, and because I wasn’t aware, I asked Peter Rusch to provide a history of Harry’s Party. I got everything I wanted to know and more. The entire uncensored PG-13 rated version has been included. For those who thought the CINF was a staid group of software developers, cheminformaticians, and librarians (in other words, a bunch of nerds), check it out, but at your own risk. Note: Unfortunately, Harry’s Party will not be held in New Orleans.

Be sure to check out the product announcements from our sponsors, as well as the information about submissions for awards. Thanks to Mark Luchetti for the cover page design. Finally, I would also recognize the efforts of our webmaster, Danielle Dennie, who designed the templates for the CIB and flowed the content into the system.

Dr. David Martinsen
Guest Editor