9th International Conference on Chemical Structures

iccsThe Ninth International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS9) was held in Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands over the period June 5-11, 2011. ICCS is regarded as the premier venue for discussing all aspects of the management and understanding of chemical structures in electronic systems. The success of the conference depends on the quality of its technical presentations and the active participation of its attendees. The nature of the Noordwijkerhout center contributes significantly to the nature of conference. It is easy to get to, but once you are there, there is little to do but participate in the presentations and network with your peers. The 195 attendees rose to the challenge and contributed to the 34 oral and 158 poster presentations. Vendor participation was also high.

Concerns that in these tough economic times registration might be restrained proved unfounded; a testament to the value of the conference. Financially the conference trust is well funded, enabling some 15 student bursaries to be awarded, and virtually guaranteeing a 10th conference in 2014.

The essence of ICCS is the high quality of technical presentations. The call for papers was oversubscribed and it proved challenging to select the final 34 oral presentations and 158 poster presentations. All sessions were well attended and less formal discussions continued in the social areas.

The conference was again chosen as the preferred venue to award the fourth CSA Trust Mike Lynch Award to Dr. Engelbert Zass of the Eidgenőssiche Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zűrich. Dr Zass opened the conference by receiving the award and delivering the keynote address titled, The Intermediary Reloaded - On the Need for a "Go-Between" to Information Users and Producers, on Sunday evening.

ICCS9 was the latest in a series that began in 1973 as a workshop on Computer Representation and Manipulation of Chemical Information sponsored by the NATO Advanced Study Institute and thereafter was held under its new name every third year starting in 1987. The conference has a reputation for supporting outstanding networking opportunities and unscientific observation of the 195 attendees supported this reputation.

Block out the first week in June 2014 and plan to participate in the 10th conference. This conference will celebrate its 30 plus years of excellence and once again continue the tradition of outstanding presentations and networking opportunities.

Keith Taylor, ICCS Chair

Slides of the lectures and posters are available at the ICCS website: http://www.int-conf-chem-structures.org