Message from the Chair

ImageDear Colleagues,

The CINF symposia and events at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Denver were a great success.  With tie-ins to the International Year of Chemistry 2011, the meeting was as enjoyable as it was informative.

One of the most exciting things announced at the meeting was the results of the CINF 2011 elections. Antony Williams from RSC Publishing was elected Chair-Elect for 2012. Tony will take on the role of CINF Chair in 2013 when the current Chair-Elect, Rajarshi Guha, finishes his tenure as CINF Chair in 2012. In addition, Leah Solla from Cornell University was re-elected Secretary, Andrea Twiss-Brooks from the University of Chicago was re-elected Councilor, and Chuck Huber from UC Santa Barbara was re-elected Alternate Councilor. This excellent group deserves hearty congratulations!

Of course, now that the 2011 CINF elections are complete, one of my duties in 2012 as CINF Past-Chair will be to nominate candidates for the 2012 CINF elections. I urge anyone interested in becoming more active in CINF to contact me about being nominated for this election. I have found CINF members to be some of the finest, brightest, and most fun people with whom you could choose to spend time. Also, as the world of chemical information is a small one, it never hurts your career to network with this group of people.

Another important thing that happened recently was the migration of CINF’s Chemical Information Bulletin to the Drupal content management system. The work done by the CINF Communications and Publications Committee and by CINF webmaster, Danielle Dennie from Concordia University, is simply stunning. They deserve our great thanks and praise!

Finally, I would like to thank two people. Carmen Nitsche from Accelrys, CINF Past-Chair, was a godsend to me. Everyone should send her money and buy Accelrys products, she is that wonderful. I also need to thank Svetlana Korolev, who, in addition to doing a magnificent job with the Chemical Information Bulletin, was utterly gracious and polite when I was late with my Letter from the Chair.  If you have extra money left over that you haven't sent to Carmen, please send it to Svetlana.

Wishing you all the very best!

Warmest regards,

Gregory Banik, Chair, ACS Chemical Information Division

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