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Scientific Excellence

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CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence Sponsored by Accelrys®


The scholarship program of the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) of the American Chemical Society (ACS), funded by Accelrys, is designed to reward graduate and postdoctoral students in chemical information and related sciences for scientific excellence and to foster their involvement in CINF. 

Up to two scholarships valued at $1,000 each will be presented at the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA, March 25 – 29, 2012.  Applicants must be enrolled at a certified college or university and must present a poster during the CINF Welcoming Reception on Sunday evening at the National Meeting.  They will also have the option to show their poster at the Sci-Mix session on Monday night.  Abstracts for the poster must be submitted electronically through PACS, the abstract submission system of ACS.

To apply, please inform the Chair of the selection committee, Guenter Grethe, at, that you are applying for a scholarship. Submit your abstract at using your ACS ID.  If you do not have an ACS ID, follow the registration instructions and submit your abstract for "CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence."  PACS will be open for abstract submissions on August 22, 2011, and will close on October 17, 2011.  Additionally, please send a 2,000-word abstract describing the work, to be presented in electronic form to the Chair of the selection committee by January 31, 2012.  Any questions related to applying for one of the scholarships should be directed to the same e-mail address.

Winners will be chosen based on contents, presentation, and relevance of the poster and they will be announced during the reception.  The contents should reflect upon the student’s work and describe research in the field of cheminformatics and related sciences. Winning posters will be marked "Winner of Accelrys-CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence" at the poster session.

Guenter Grethe


2012 Jacques-Émile Dubois Grants

CSA Trust

Chemical Structure Association Trust

Applications Invited for CSA Trust Jacques-Émile Dubois Grants for 2012

The Chemical Structure Association (CSA) Trust is an internationally recognized organization established to promote the critical importance of chemical information to advances in chemical research.  In support of its charter, the Trust has created a unique Grant Program, renamed in honor of Professor Jacques-Émile Dubois who made significant contributions to the field of cheminformatics.  The Trust is currently inviting the submission of grant applications for 2012.

Purpose of the Grants:

The Grant Program has been created to provide funding for the career development of young researchers who have demonstrated excellence in their education, research or development activities that are related to the systems and methods used to store, process and retrieve information about chemical structures, reactions and compounds.  A Grant will be awarded annually up to a maximum of five thousand U.S. dollars ($5,000).  Grants are awarded for specific purposes, and within one year each grantee is required to submit a brief written report detailing how the grant funds were allocated. Grantees are also requested to recognize the support of the Trust in any paper or presentation that is given as a result of that support.

Who is Eligible?

Applicant(s), age 35 or younger, who have demonstrated excellence in their chemical information related research and who are developing careers that have the potential to have a positive impact on the utility of chemical information relevant to chemical structures, reactions and compounds, are invited to submit applications.  While the primary focus of the Grant Program is the career development of young researchers, additional bursaries may be made available at the discretion of the Trust.  All requests must follow the application procedures noted below and will be weighed against the same criteria.

Which Activities are Eligible?

Grants may be awarded to acquire the experience and education necessary to support research activities; e.g. for travel to collaborate with research groups, to attend a conference relevant to one’s area of research, to gain access to special computational facilities, or to acquire unique research techniques in support of one’s research.

Application Requirements

Applications must include the following documentation:

  1. A letter that details the work upon which the Grant application is to be evaluated as well as details on research recently completed by the applicant;
  2. The amount of Grant funds being requested and the details regarding the purpose for which the Grant will be used (e.g. cost of equipment, travel expenses if the request is for financial support of meeting attendance, etc.). The relevance of the above-stated purpose to the Trust’s objectives and the clarity of this statement are essential in the evaluation of the application);
  3. A brief biographical sketch, including a statement of academic qualifications; 
  4. Two reference letters in support of the application.  Additional materials may be supplied at the discretion of the applicant only if relevant to the application and if such materials provide information not already included in items 1-4.   Three copies of the complete application document must be supplied for distribution to the Grants Committee.

Deadline for Applications

Applications must be received no later than March 14, 2012.  Successful applicants will be notified no later than May 2, 2012.

Address for Submission of Applications

Three copies of the application documentation should be forwarded to:  Bonnie Lawlor, CSA Trust Grant Committee Chair, 276 Upper Gulph Road, Radnor, PA 19087, USA.  If you wish to enter your application by e-mail, please contact Bonnie Lawlor at prior to submission so that she can contact you if the e-mail does not arrive.


Other Awards

Wiggins-Roth Award for Outstanding Service

Special Libraries Association Chemistry Division

Ms. Grace Baysinger was the first recipient of the SLA Chemistry Division’s Wiggins-Roth Award for Outstanding Service.  The Wiggins-Roth Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of chemical information, and is named in honor of Gary Wiggins and Dana Roth. 

Ms. Baysinger is currently the head librarian at the Swain Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Stanford University.  She is known for her bright outlook, well-thought out opinions, and significant contributions to academic libraries, chemical information, and chemical publishing.  Throughout her career, she has developed significant contributions to chemical information reference; these include: Web guides, tutorials, slides, and other materials.  She has generously shared these materials with the larger community of chemical information professionals.  The entire chemical information community has benefitted from Ms. Baysinger’s effectiveness in making the case for changes and improvements in chemistry-related databases, software, and printed products.

Cory Craig
Chair, SLA Chemistry Division Awards Committee


Mike Lynch Award

Chemical Structure Association Trust

Dr. Engelbert Zass received the CSA Trust Mike Lynch Award at the 9th International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS), held June 5-9 2011, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands.  The Mike Lynch Award is presented every three years by the Chemical Structure Association Trust (CSA trust) to acknowledge the lifetime work of an individual with "outstanding accomplishments in education, research and development activities that are related to the systems and methods used to store, process and retrieve information about chemical structures, reactions and properties"  (CSA Trust, 2011). 

Dr. Zass is the head of the ETH Zurich Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center.  He has been a member of ACS since 1972, and he joined CINF in 1981. He delivered a keynote address at ICCS, entitled "The intermediary reloaded - On the need for a 'Go-Between' to information users and producers," and the slides for this presentation are posted on the ICCS Web site, at